Helicopter & Rib boat services
in Serifos island

Transfer services

  • Helicopter transfers in Serifos
    We offer helicopter transfers from/to any Greek destination, as long as there is a safe landing spot.
  • Boat transfers in Serifos
    Rib boat
    Travel with speed & style from where you are (hotel, airport, yacht, etc.) to the seaside destination you wish.

Tour services

  • helicopter services
    The helicopter is the ideal choice to admire from above and shoot the natural beauty of each island, view incredible beaches, villages, archaeological sites and many other beautiful places that you will remember forever!
  • boat services in Serifos
    Rib boat
    Discover the hidden treasures of the authentic Aegean Sea with half or full day trips to Serifos and the nearby islands.

Helicopter services

In Greece you may experience lack of suitable connections between international and domestic flights and ferry connections for your final destination.

Helicopter chartered flights fill in that gap in the most comfortable way, while providing first class service. We offer helicopter transfers and flights to any Greek destination and specific location, as long as there is a safe landing spot, in conjunction with refuelling limitations.

Rib boat services

As your safety is our chief concern, the final decision to make the trip or not always lies with the captain after considering all parameters.

Each cruise we organise is different as it is tailored to the preferences and requirements of each customer. Contact us and together we will setup the cruise that best suits the time you have available, your mood and your budget.

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